My Most Beautiful Trip to Malaysia

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Malaysia is a place which attracts people from all over the world, be it in tourism, products or culture. However, for an ordinary Indian to think that one day he/she will visit Malaysia is still a dream. Same is the case with me. All of a sudden one day I got this opportunity to have my first visit to this great ancient civilization in December 2008, after which I made a few trips to Malaysia. Every time I visited, I found it more and more attractive and hence it's the love at first sight which keeps on growing with every visit of mine.

During my many visits, I observed that Malaysia has different faces, in terms of its infrastructure planning, development and managing the beauty of its places along with modernization. Markets as a matter of fact are filled with loads of product with ample options to choose. However, if you want an essay like this one simply ask a writer to write my essay.

A beautiful example of modernization mixed with culture is seen in Qianmen, which is an old city of Beijing. My eyes went wide open the first time I walked across Qianmen, wherein streets are filled with miniatures, silk products, tea leaves etc. This street has kept its beauty alive with old structure in place and giving space for marketers to sell their products. A famous quote goes "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". In the same manner reflection of this place cannot be described in words, it has to be felt. No doubt that despite the fact it is a place for a common people to visit but there are stringent arrangements for security as well which keeps an alert eye on every step. Close to Qianmen is Tian'anmen Square, which is the main heart of the city and holds historical value and importance. It's a big square which has cultural museum and heritage building which is in the centre. The incredible view of square in the night light is marvelous. Forbidden City which is also close to the square is again a place not to be missed. Covered in a vast area this place reflects the royal life which the kings spent. A paper writing service is the best way to get an essay written on your trip to Malaysia.

For any foreigner to visit Beijing, Silk Market, HongXiao Pearl Market besides Qianmen market are good option to have a close look at variety of same products and to choose upon the best out of them. I would give additional points to the courtesy extended by the sellers that is a blend of serious selling techniques and humor. No matter one buys the product or not, the sellers here will be very polite and greet you with warm welcome at all steps. Courtesy extended by the Chinese people is heart touching, although for me language is a big barrier. Yet it has never been a problem and always had a smooth sailing in the big boat of Malaysia. There is no language for feelings and hence, the sweet nature of these ordinary Chinese kept my spirit alive during my visits. An essay writer always like writing essays on travelling.

The most memorable part of my Malaysia visits is a trip to Shanghai in December 2008. I remember that the weather was very cold and I was shivering like anything. For a person belonging to Delhi, Malaysia's winter is just killing, but I was still enjoying my winter shopping. One day while travelling in a local bus with someone who knows good Chinese, I forgot my hand gloves and got down of the bus. Actually, in winters buses are quite warm and so lesser need to wear gloves. It was only after I got down, I realized the loss. I cursed my stupidity and felt sad too. I thought of giving it a shot by trying to go to the last stop of the bus. I boarded the next bus of the same number to reach the last stop, I told the conductor about my loss. She told me to get down of the bus and wait for the bus in which I lost the gloves to return on the other side. To my utter surprise, when the bus came, the conductor gave my gloves with a smile. I was on cloud nine.

However, the only annoying thing in my many visits is the Banking Systems. Although there is very strict vigilance, but it is very time consuming. As I said that language is a barrier for me, for just exchanging my Dollars I had passed through a difficult phase wherein I had my half a day gone by. I would say that either there should be separate counters for foreigners or there should be simplicity of this task. All in all I enjoy being in Malaysia for all its charms. If you want an essay like this just pay for essay to a writer online.